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Finnish fire

In response to a visit to the Vuurtoreneiland island and taking as a starting point what I have learned in my journey to Finland. I decided to create a fire pit that makes the most out of one burning log. The log uses a technique known as gap fire, characteristic from the Nordic countries. This type of fire assures a long lasting fire and as it is standing vertical it provides support for a cooking pot or boiling water, besides a series of accessories can make use of the same fire. 



Tutors: Arno GeesinkKlaas Kuiken

Year 2016 _ Man and Wellbeing - Design Academy Eindhoven

Vuurtoreneiland (Light-House Island), Amsterdam

Cardboard model

Scale model studies

During my field-research in Finland in came across with two types of camp re that are deeply rooted in their culture. They were often used by the army during the war in order to survive the extreme cold temperatures and still nowadays for camping or survival needs. 

Rakovalkea & Raappanan Tuli 

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