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A material research that takes place in the intersection between the trends Annoy Firm Omit and Delonelination. It is a response to the consequences of the influence that technology and media has in our relations with the screen, others and ourselves.


My vision is to restore our ‘self trust’ and invite people to build awareness trough a visual and material engagement. The user becomes part of the material by his projected reflection, hence building a new kind of relation with the object and himself. This engagement occurs in thought or reflection. Just like most of our relations inside the web that happen theoretical, rather than practical.



Tutors: Brecht and Lenneke / Buro BELEN

Year: 2015 _ Man and Wellbeing - Design Academy Eindhoven

Project Client: PHILIPS

Material chapters

Concept book

Materials applications

This collection of materials offers a wide range of applications from private and home, to space and products. These materials can be applied in situations when there is a need to awaken the user and make them aware of the subtleties of the environment, and to build relation with the material and its own reflection. 

Material application scale models 

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