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A marriage between the old and the new of brush making. ‘Binded’ is a part of the project "Marry a Craftsman". A research into the nature of the human relation with craftsmanship. The project highlights the importance of brush making and brush binding techniques. The importance of this craft should remain close to our interest before we have lost its last maker.


This project was conducted in collaboration with the Zuiderzee Museum in Enkhuizen. In more detail, I explored the old craft of brush-making with Klaas Spel one of the very last craftsmen that is still practicing this craft in the Netherlands.



Tutors: Stef BakkerCarsten Klein

Part of the project "Marry a Craftsmen" and exhibition "Man Made" at  Man and Wellbeing
June 2016 _ Man and Wellbeing - Design Academy Eindhoven

Made in collaboration with craftsmen Klaas Spel at Zuiderzee Museum
Thanks to Vermeylen Brushmaker. Lier, Belgium 

Photo Essay

‘Binded’ is a proposal for new typologies that questions the relation we have with this almost mundane object, the brush. No function is determined, only if given by the user. This brush and broom exaggerate the character of its construction, the core of this crafts in itself: binding relations.

'Binded' New typologies

Brushes, bristles and wood studies

Collective Newspaper

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