I am interested in issues related to material culture, identity, heritage and tradition. Personally, I see design as a carrier of cultural knowledge, as the storyteller of a context. I am interested in the narrative agency of things. To understand objects not for what they are, but what they mean and represent for local or specific contexts.


For me design is also a tool for researching and mapping stories, transforming materials and techniques. Primarily by establishing an honest relationship with people and communities, with their values and their traditions. A tool to preserve and celebrate diversity, the people and stories behind the making of things.


My work relates to the practices of anthropology and archeology. It is about being immersed in the field. About digging layers of information, to raise issues and find ways in which the past becomes relevant to the future. I would like to serve as a vehicle of inspiration, as a bridge in between. Ultimately, to take people onto a journey of discovery.

Born in Medellin, Colombia. I have recently graduated from the department of Man and Well Being at Design Academy Eindhoven with a research about Gold in regards to the Colombian heritage, history and identity.


Email: simonballenbotero@gmail.com

Phone: +31 648774594
nl / col


Design Exhibitions

'Hope' Exhibition

Curated by Ilse Crawford and Oscar Peña at Kazerne Eindhoven
April - August 2019 / Eindhoven, The Netherlands


Future Classics at the FrozenFountain

February - June 2019 / Amsterdam, The Netherlands

CID Grand-Hornu

Hors Pistes project - Rencontres au Greenland

03 February to May 19th 2019 / Boussu, Belgium


Valeur(s) Exhibition at Merci - Paris

18th January to February 6th 2019 / Paris, France


Dutch Design Week. 

“Suelo Orfebre” at Graduation Show G18. Design Academy Eindhoven 

October 2018 / Eindhoven, Netherlands


Hors Pistes Exhibition at LokalMuseum
Results from design residency in Greenland 

August 14th to September 10th 2017 / Nuuk, Greenland


Dutch Design Week.

“Children of the Sun” at Denf Exhibition DDW

October 2017 / Eindhoven, Netherlands 


Milan Design Week. 

“Feet on the ground”  Film programming at TouchBase Exhibition DAE. 

April 2016 / Milan, Italy 


Man Made. 

“Marry a Craftsman (Binded Brushes)” at Man and Well Being exhibition

June 2016 / Eindhoven, Netherlands 


Arctic Design Week. 

“Material Freedom”  Beyond Books at Lapland University exhibition.

February 2015 / Rovaniemi, Finland 


COOL 2014 satellite program. 

“Material Freedom” at Beyond Books. Reading visual languages.

May - August 2014 / Fellbach, Germany 


Designer at Studio Formafantasma
Amsterdam, Netherlands / 2019 - Present

Freelancer at Perceptual

Medellin, Colombia / 2018 - Present

Design Residency Hors Pistes Project - Working with local craftspeople
Nuuk, Greenland / Summer 2017

Internship at Studio Formafantasma
Amsterdam, Netherlands / March - July 2017


Assisting Teresa van Dongen - DDW Exhibitions

Eindhoven, Netherlands / October 2014 & 2015


Product Development Intern at Perceptual Studio

Medellin, Colombia / July - August 2014


Teaching Assistant and Student tutor at EAFIT University

Medellin, Colombia / 2011 - 2013


Design Academy Eindhoven / Man & Well Being

Eindhoven, Netherlands / 2014 - Present


Icelandic Academy of Arts / Exchange Program at Product Design department
Reykjavik, Iceland / Autumn 2016


University of Lapland / Exchange Program at Faculty of Industrial Design

Rovaniemi, Finland / 2013 - 2014


IED - Istituto Europeo di Design / Summer course in Italian Product Design

Milan, Italy / Summer 2012


EAFIT University / Product Design Engineering

Medellin, Colombia / 2010 - 2013


Montessori High School

Medellin, Colombia / 2009

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