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A holistic research into the meanings of warmth and a personal journey to the sources of indigenous wisdom. To the people who knows best about warmth: The Sami in the arctic circle.

I was in pursue for warmth and quickly I realised that ultimately I was in search of my own wellbeing. Connection is probably the source of all warmth, and we ought to remember where we all come from and that we are all children of the sun.


My journey concluded into an atlas and archive of the sources of wisdom, a collection of postcards, a collage, a film and a objectual translation of my personal interpretation of warmth.


Tutor: Lonny van Rijswijk / Atelier NL

April 2016 _ Man and Wellbeing - Design Academy Eindhoven


Thanks to arctic design expert Päivi Tahkokallio and Inari-Sami artirst

Inka Kangasniemi for their help and inspiration during my journey in Lapland.
Glass pieces: Hand made for this project by Kees Berende.

Inka Kangasniemi wearing a traditional 

Sami hat in the forest of Lapland

Concept visualisation - Simon Ballen

Concept visualisation 

Postcards about elements of Sami cultural knowledge - Simon Ballen


Atlas and archive of indigenous wisdom - Simon Ballen

Atlas and archive of indigenous wisdom

Collage of concept and development - Simon Ballen

Collage of concept and development

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