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The project delves into the intricate patterns of coal imports to the Netherlands and Europe, exploring the societal, ecological, and cultural dimensions of Colombian coal and its local impact.

Since the Industrial Revolution, coal has played a crucial role as a primary source for electricity generation. Despite concerns about the environmental and human safety implications of coal mining and combustion, it continues to make a significant contribution, representing approximately 40% of global electricity generation. In the face of Europe's current energy supply challenges, exacerbated by sanctions affecting coal and gas supplies from Russia, there is a noticeable increase in coal consumption. This growing demand has prompted a shift towards alternative suppliers outside the EU, exemplified by the 'El Cerrejon' coal mine in Colombia. While this mine is pivotal for Europe's energy transition, it poses severe consequences for the local environment, ecosystem, human health, and indigenous groups.

"Cost of Coal" aims to critically engage with the current state of coal energy production in Europe and its global impacts, with a particular focus on the case study of the 'Cerrejon' coal mines in Northern Colombia. Its objective is to raise awareness of our relationship with resources.

With the support of: Creative Industries Fund NL / Design Grant Scheme
Year: 2022 / 2023 -
On Going Project


La Guajira, Colombia

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