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How to become a minimalist?

Our society is nowadays looking for something simpler and truer, is searching for quality over quantity, and it's focusing on what is important so we can find happiness, fulfilment and freedom. But we cannot achieve this ideal because we are left in an unconscious state of love for things, in an exaggerated consumer world.

We can find freedom out of everything, but the essentials or ourselves. For that we have to get rid of excess stuff. My project consists in a set of three tools that allows the users to become a minimalist; each of them corresponds to a different philosophical approach on how to consciously live in material freedom.


Tutor: Pertti Aula

Year: 2013 _ Lapland University
Part of the Exhibition: 'Beyond Books, reading visual languages.'

Freedom as: Animal Instinct

Freedom as: Consciousness

Freedom as: Acts by Love

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